Ohio Republicans Are Behaving Childishly:

Ohio Republicans are cheating voters by creating false urgency. Republicans have delayed issuing a new Congressional redistricting map as late as possible while creating a gerrymandered map that cheats voters.

This is what children do. Dad says, “Johnny, go back and make your bed.” Johnny, as he is rushing out the door to catch the school bus says, ” NOooo, I can’t Dad or I’ll be late for the bus.” Children delay properly making their bed (the gerrymandered map) until they think it is too late. Then, the children blame something else. This is what immature children do - they are selfish, self-centered, and don’t care about the household. Dad now has confirmation that the child is incapable of making good decisions and helping run the household. Ohio Republicans are behaving like children and not capable of running Ohio (the household) or properly making a Congressional District map.

The problem is the delay. Good parents (voters) don’t let it happen. You tell children to go back and properly make the bed. The children will continue to protest and continue the delay. Dad’s response stays the same and he adds, “Go back and properly make your bed. The longer you take to do it, the more likely you’ll miss the bus.”  Maybe the child will miss the bus, and a good parent (the voters, the workers) will insist the bed is properly made.

Ohio Democrats have done the right thing. Democrats told Republicans to go back and properly make the redistricting map. Democrats said to Republicans, ‘Democrats will not vote for emergency legislation to change the spring 2012 primary date until you make a proper map (you can’t leave the house until the bed is properly made). 

Maybe the Republican controlled Ohio Legislature will be late, but Republicans must not be allowed to behave childishly and to childishly control the lives of workers and voters. Republicans must do the right thing or their privileges will be taken away (voted out of office).

And remember what the bus driver Governor John Kasich said. Kasish said either get on his bus or he will run over you with his bus. This is not who I want as a bus driver for workers and voters!

Vote for the Party that says Yes: When Democrats Vote - Democrats Win.